Jarliet 152cm (5’0 ft) Real Sex Doll with Voluptuous Hips

1,500.00 $ 1,290.00 $

Manufacturer Jarliet
Height 152cm
Weight 37kg
Chest size 89cm
Waist size 58cm
Hips circumference 104cm
Fingers Separated
Finger phalanges Yes
Fingernails Yes
Toes Separated
Toe phalanges No
Toenails Yes
Orifices Mouth, Vagina, Anus
Mouth depth 13cm
Vagina depth 18cm
Anal depth 16cm
Interchangeable head Yes
Skin material TPE
Materials used Extra soft TPE skin, articulated metal skeleton allowing realistic posing and intercourse
Free accessories Wig, Sexy outfit



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Weight 37 kg